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Blanking of a Stainless Steel Spring Guard for the Electronic Industry

Blanking of a Stainless Steel Spring Guard
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Blanking of a Stainless Steel Spring Guard

Tilley Manufacturing was approached for precision blanking services for a stainless steel spring guard to be used in the electronics industry. The spring guard, crafted of 304-stainless steel, was to be used in a pyrotechnic device. Using a metal stamping press, Tilley Manufacturing fabricated the spring guards to an outer dimension of 0.536". The parts also feature 0.058" wide tabs. The spring guards are formed to tightest tolerances of ± 0.006".

These stainless steel spring guards meet all applicable standards (e.g., AMS 5513). Tilley Manufacturing's quality control process routinely includes a dimensions check against customer supplied drawings, among other measures.

Turnaround time for these stainless steel spring guards is approximately 3 weeks from receipt of order; delivery included.

Tilley Manufacturing has been shipping approximately 500 of these stainless steel spring guards per month to this Hollister, California customer for over two years.

To learn more about this precision stainless steel spring guard blanking and passivating project, or our other products and services, please contact Tilley Manufacturing.

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Highlights of this Stainless Steel Spring Guard Blanking Project

Product DescriptionThis Spring Guard is used in pyrotechnic devices.
Precision Spring Guard Blanking
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Equipment Used to Manufacture PartMetal stamping press
Overall Part DimensionsO.D.: 0.536"
Tightest Tolerances± 0.006"
Material Used304 Stainless Steel
Material FinishPassivated
Features0.058" wide tabs
In process testing/inspection performedDimensions measured against customer supplied drawing
Industry for UseElectronic Industry
Volume500 per month for 2 + years
Delivery/Turnaround Time3 weeks ARO
Delivery LocationHollister, California
Standards MetCustomer supplied print
AMS 5513
Product NameStainless Steel Spring Guard
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